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 Interesting Chabot Park Highlands Community Photos

Even more photos and a video SLIDESHOW at bottom of this page (scroll down)

Knowland Park became a State Park on April 30th 1948. In 1975 Knowland State Park was conveyed to the City of Oakland.

View of the San Francisco Bay from Turner Ct.    San Francisco Bay is a shallow, productive estuary through which water draining from approximately forty percent of California, flowing in the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, enters the Pacific Ocean.

Founded in 1883 The Chabot Space & Science Center  just down the road above Joaquin Miller Park on Skyline Boulevard in the Redwood Regional Park. See our "links to local interests" page for their website.

Right in our backyards.  Anthony Chabot Regional Park Map including Leona Canyon Park & Redwood Regional Park. Click image to open the full page map in a new browser window.

The Oakland Zoo is located just off 580 Freeway and 98th Avenue.

CLICK THE PHOTO to open the Oakland Zoo's website

 OPEN 7 days a week


Gopherr Snake May 2002 on Lochard Street.
From Wikipedia:
Gopher Snake (BullSnake) is a harmless colubrid species found in North America.  The specific name catenifer is Latin for 'chain bearing', referring to the dorsal color pattern

February 2011 Local Deer on Lochard Street with Blue Jay on its back.

From Wikipedia:
California Mule Deer, Odocoileus hemionus californicus, is a subspecies of Mule Deer whose range covers much of the state of California

Coyote on Lochard Street heading towards the creek which borders the bottom of Kerrigan Drive.                     CLICK THE PHOTO FOR A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT COYOTES.                    From Wikipedia:  When a coyote calls his pack together, he howls at one high note. When the pack is together, he howls higher and higher, and then they yip and yelp and also do a yi-yi sound with the howl.                                                                                   

Coyote on Lochard Street  7-30-2011

Coyote on Lochard Street  7-30-2011

Pocket Gopher on Lochard Street July 2011.          From Wikipedia:     (family Geomyidae) Gophers weigh about a quarter of a pound, with the head and body about 15 in long, a tail of 7 in and have a 2-3 year lifespan.There are over 100 kinds of gophers in America.

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